Spectacular BIG Screen
Home Cinema experiences!

With powerful floor standing speakers


With visually discreet speaker solutions


Premium high performance systems


Our Home Cinema Action Pack range features BIG projector screens you measure in METRES! …and all feature floor-standing speakers for BIG surround sound. Each Cinema Package has been expertly created to help simplify the decision process and deliver an awesome Home Cinema experience at their price point. And yes, all of our Home Cinema Packs can be easily modified to suit your exact needs.

Spectacular BIG Screen Home Cinema that everyone can enjoy! Take your movies, sports, concerts, and even gaming to a whole new exciting level. Our Gold Class Home Cinema packages feature top-quality 4K Projectors by renowned brands such as Sony, Epson, JVC, Optoma, and ViewSonic. Combined with Screens that you measure not in inches, but in METRES!! Our Gold Class Cinema Screens start from 3 metres! For true movie buffs, we also have the extra-wide Cinemascope Screens for a truly epic movie adventure!

To further enhance your experience, each Gold Class Home Cinema Pack includes impressive surround sound. Dolby Atmos is included, along with a range of surround sound configurations. All built around premium AV Receiver brands such as Yamaha, Denon, Integra, Anthem, and perfectly matched with renowned speaker brands such as Polk, Kef, Yamaha, Paradigm, and renowned MartinLogan electrostatic speakers.

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Want to take your Home Cinema experience to the next level?

From premium motorised Cinema Chairs, Starlight Ceilings, raised platforms, acoustic panel, to custom lighting, we can transform your Cinema Room into something truly special!

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