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Check out our range of Full-HD Projectors and 4K Projectors below – all top brands known for their quality. Sony, Epson, Optoma, JVC and ViewSonic.

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The simple fact is that the biggest TVs cannot compete with a Projector. When it comes to size, excitement, or value for money, a quality Projector wins easily. A good projector will deliver excellent image quality on a size and scale, making the biggest TVs look ho-hum.

Our most affordable Full-HD Projectors deliver an awesome big-screen experience at amazingly affordable prices. Check out the Optoma HD30. We’ve no doubt you’ll be impressed.

Home Theatre 4K Projectors

In the mid-range, we have an excellent range of affordable 4K UHD Projectors. When it comes to picture quality and value, we’re big fans of the following projectors: Optoma UHD35+ and UHD65 4K Projectors, ViewSonic’s PX728 and X100+ 2nd Gen Projectors deliver seriously good value. Epson, a highly regarded Projector brand, has the TW7100 and the very popular TW9400 – available in black or white finish, and their stunning new LS12000 Laser Projector.

Sitting at the top of the mid-range projectors is JVC’s exciting LXNZ-3 – a 4K Projector with a laser light source that delivers an incredible 20,000 hours of viewing!

At the top end, we LOVE SONY 4K HDR Projectors! The Sony range offer “true” Native 4K resolution for an incredibly detailed picture with superb depth thanks to High Dynamic Range (HDR). Their impressive projector range starts with the Sony XW5000ES and XW7000ES Laser 4K projectors. Both feature a laser light source for incredible image quality and ultra-long life.

If you need an Ultra Short Throw Projector, our favourite is the ViewSonic X1000, a 4K projector that can produce 3 METRE images at just 38cm! Drop in for a personal demonstration in one of our real-life rooms and get some knowledgeable advice from our home cinema experts!

Interest-free terms are available on selected projectors!