As Home Cinema experts, our range of Projection Screens is vast! Sizes range from 2.5 Metres to 4 Metres, in a variety of ratios and styles. 

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The magic of a truly big screen is undeniable, and we have a screen to suit every home cinema room.

Our big projector screens are available in 2.5 metres (100 inch), 2.8 metres (110 inch), 3 Metres (120 inch), 3.3 Metres (130 inch), 3.5 Metres (140 inch), 3.8 Metres (150 inch). Bigger sizes are also available.

The standard projector screen ratio is 16:9 Widescreen which is the same as modern TVs. For an authentic Cinema experience, we also have the extra-wide “Cinemascope” screens that are a 2.35:1 ratio. This wider screen ratio is what is found in commercial cinemas around the world.

Acoustically Transparent Screens feature a special fabric designed to allow sound to travel unimpeded through the screen. This allows the front and centre speakers (and even subwoofers) to be placed directly behind the screen. The two main advantages of Acoustically Transparent Screens are they allow for a bigger screen on the wall (Eg: you don’t have to leave space on each side of the screen for floor standing speakers). The second advantage is they offer a more visually streamlined appearance in your cinema room by eliminating the need for bulky floor speakers and subwoofers.

If you want to enjoy a Home Cinema in a room that isn’t very dark, such as a family room, a semi-daylight screen is a great option. These screens have a special fabric that boosts the projector image to deliver a more vibrant image. For further details, please talk to one of our friendly staff.

Motorised screens are great for living room areas where you need to hide the screen away when not in use. Available in a range of sizes and ratios. We have a range of Motorised Screens available, please call for details.

Can a Screen be too small or too big? Yes, there are optimal “viewing distances from screens” that should be considered when choosing a big screen for your home theatre room. If you’re sitting too close to a big screen, you’ll find yourself having to move your head around to see what’s happening on the outer areas of the screen. (It’s a bit like sitting in the front row of a commercial movie theatre, watching so close up soon becomes very tiring.)
Different screen ratios and sizes have different recommended viewing distances. Our expert staff can advise you on the optimal viewing distances to ensure you enjoy the best possible viewing experience.

We invite you to drop into your nearest Big Picture People store and explore an extensive range of big screens in our real-life rooms. Our team will expertly guide you on what type of screen will best suit your room.